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116 viewsSeated in front from the left: Don Van Schoick; Leonard Choquette (back to camera); Al Rood, husband of Nancy Lundrigan Rood; Sue Van Schoick, facing camera in lower right.

Standing at rear left in white shirt: Art Sweatland
149 viewsFrom the left: Pat Finnerty Spellicy, unidentified lady; unidentified man; unidentified lady
115 viewsFrom the left: Sue Van Schoick; Don Van Schoick; Royce Drought; Jeanette Drought; Doreen Bajohr Clark
110 viewsAt the front table from the left rear: Carol Scannell Grinnell; Richard Grinnell; Ed Grinnell; Pat Grinnell (at end of table facing away from camera); Wilma Grinnell (in foreground with back to camera)

At the table in the background from the right end: Rosie Barber (in yellow); Ellsworth Barber; Louise Coady (at far end of table); seated with backs to camera, Ron Coady; Dick Goodale; Ann Bishop Goodale

At the far right in background: Donna Ferris Harrison
98 viewsFrom the lower left: Carol Scannell Grinnell; Richard Grinnell; Ed Grinnell; Pat Grinnell (at end of table); Wilma Grinnell; Mae Osborne; Dick Osborne

In the back: Seated at table: Tom Young?; unidentified man back to camera (Jim Pennington?); unidentified man standing at the bar taking a picture (John Sidoran?)
Class of 1951Florida 05119 viewsThe Class of 1951: Front row L to R: Nancy Lundrigan Rood, Marilyn Yager Choquette, Patricia Theobald Abrams, Donna Ferris Harrison; Back Row L to R: Dick Osborne, Art Sweatland, Emery Palmer, Ted Harrison, Leroy Smith, Clayton Foster
113 viewsFrom the left: Marilyn Yager Choquette (facing away from camera); Pat Theobald Abrams; Harry Young (behind Pat); Leonard Choquette; Donna Ferris Harrison
92 viewsFrom the left: Alice Anne Hornung Foster, Pat Grinnell
95 viewsSeated from the left: Barbara O'Rourke Young, Tom Young, Ellsworth Barber, Rosie Barber
93 viewsAlice Anne Hornung Foster and Clayton Foster
101 viewsSeated from the left: Ethel Eckel Palmer, Donna Ferris Harrison, Ted Harrison, Emery Palmer
93 viewsFrom left to right: Art Sweatland, Emery Palmer, Patricia Theobald Abrams, Leroy Smith
92 viewsCarol and Dick Sweatland
97 viewsAnn Bishop Goodale and Dick Goodale
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