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Florida Reunion January 23, 2013160 viewsL to R: Randall Gafner; Julia Eckel Gafner, `55; Joan Suits Bryant, `55; Leonard Coon; Alan Palmer, `58; Ethel Eckel Palmer, `57

Married 50 years or more: Randall & Julia Gafner; Alan & Ethel Palmer
Florida Reunion January 23, 2013155 viewsL to R: Bob Hull; Clyde Collins, `65; Margery Lessels Sochan, `66; Jeannette Turner Lessels; Frosty Lessels, `71; Robert Sochan; Robin Collins Upshaw, `75; Connie Collins Hull

Youngest Camden Alum: Robin Upshaw, `75
Youngest non-Camden Alum: Jeannette Turner Lessels
Attending 1st time: Jeannette & Frosty Lessels; Margery & Bob Sochan
Florida Reunion January 23, 2013168 viewsL to R: Doc Boardman (out of picture to the left); Jean Eldridge Boardman; Donald Alguire, `63; Debbie Cleveland Stone, `63; John Sidoran, `53; Marilyn Rost Sidoran; Dolores Van Dresar; Don Van Dresar

Married 50 years or more: Doc & Jean Boardman; Dolores & Don VanDresar
1st Reservations: Don Alguire; Debbie Stone
Florida Reunion January 23, 2013167 viewsL to R: (Part of Bruce Theobald, `57, Reunion Organizer); David Spainhower, `50; Anita Phelps Lockhart, `51; Suzanne Theobald Elston, `56; Patricia Theobald Abrams, `51; Jean Standing Smith; LeRoy Smith. `51

Attended all FL Reunions: Jean & LeRoy Smith.
(Pat Abrams missed one.)
Married 50 years or more; LeRoy & Jean Smith
Farthest traveler, and 1st Time attending: Dave Spainhower, CA
Florida Reunion January 23, 2013164 viewsL to R: Anne Schieferstine; Glenda Payne; Jacqueline Hilliker Hummel, `67; Jim Hummel, `67; Lee Balch; Carol O'Hara Balch, `63; Shirley O'Hara Francisco; Virginia LaVancher Francisco, `64

Oldest non-Camden alum: Anne Schieferstine
1st time attending: Shirley Francisco; Jacky & Jim Hummel; Ginger LaVancher;
Florida Reunion January 23, 2013191 viewsL to R: Susie Platt Meagher; Joe Meagher, `49; Wally Willson; Beverly Willson; Donald Densmore; Pamela Platt Yerdon, `61; Bruce Keil, `61; Penny Platt Keil, `61

Married 50 years or more: Wally & Bev Willson; Joe & Susie Meagher
Oldest Camden Alum: Joe Meagher, `49
1st time attending: Pam Yerdon; Don Densmore
Florida Reunion January 23, 2013177 viewsL to R: Selma Meeks Clark; Carolyn Keil Gardinier, `61; Charles Lovenguth, `59; Jeannette Rood Drought; Royce Drought; Ray Gardinier; Paul Clark, `66

Married 50 years or more: Royce & Jeannette Drought
1st time attending: Chuck Lovenguth
Florida Reunion January 23, 2013178 viewsL to R: Bill Janess; Connie Jones Lundrigan, `61; Bruce Lundrigan, `60; Michael Wright, `61; Mary Wright; Linda Meeks MacFarland, `66; Terry MacFarland, `64; Bruce Ferris, `58; Sally Griffin Ferris, `58; Rev. Paul Mills; Maxene Mills

Married 50 years or more: Bruce & Sally Ferris; Paul & Maxene Mills
Florida Reunion January 23, 2013177 viewsL to R: Doris Dale Short, `57; Kathryn Brazil D'Aprix, `57; Louise Wanner Coady, `57; Patricia Rush; Marvin Rush; Ronald Coady, `56; Tom D'Aprix; Ronald Short, `55; Mary Hogan Theobald

Married 50 years or more: Louise & Ron Coady
1st time attending: Pat & Marvin Rush
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