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Class of 1950

Photo loaned by Daisy Brady
First Row, left to right: Carolyn Short (Secrest); Dolores Salmon (Wood); Edith King (Mulholland); Dorothy Snyder (Cook); Marlene Seamans (Plumley); Beatrice Healey (Jones); Mary Ann Cable (Long); James Scoville, Robert Eklund, Janice Rung (Abrams); Aileen Riley (Campbell); Thresa Smolenski (Bowman); Donna Chilton (Beittel); Ellen Stone (Parkes); Betty Lou Riley (Gerber); Barbara Walker (O'Malley); Frances Waters (LaVancher);

Second Row: Betty Price (Brockway); Evelyn Geiskopf (Reidel); Katherine Riley (Cole); Grace Yerdon Waterman); Marilyn McBain (Hilsberg); Phila Meagher (Burns); Audrey Kimball (Adragna); Mildred DelaRoche (Chamberlain); Kathryn Finnerty (Palmer); Rosemary Smith (Money); Winifred Coltson (Dunn); Mauricette TenVooren Sullivan); Marcia Currier (Meshensky); Mary Blair (Moore); Julia (Judy) Dixon (O'Neill); Nancy Duell (Cresson); Anne Harrison (Stevens); Barbara Skinner (Esengard); Laura Scoville (Schinn); Audrey Hilliker-Morse (Kinney);

Third Row: Andrew Cook; Edward Kirk; Arthur Worrall; Aaron Eckel; Harold Liddy; William Saunders; James (Jack) Cox; Richard Haskins; Donald Collins; Donald McNamara; Richard Corcoran; Joseph Butler; Lawrence Matthews; Robert Evans; Charles Metott; Roy Grinnell;

Fourth Row: David Spainhower; Roger Scales; Wesley Loomis; LaVerne Littler; Francis Foster; Keith Kirch; William McLellan; Donald Strail; Ernest Adrian Brewster; Daniel Willson; Fred Lewis; Theodore Davis;

There were four missing from the picture:
Robert Fowler; Albert Lacell; Richard Milano; William Portner
Info supplied by Winnie Coltson (Dunn), 01/17/08

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